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Upgrade Your Workshop With A New 2x72 Grinder

Upgrade Your Workshop With A New 2x72 Grinder

Upgrading to a 2x72 grinder is an investment that could revolutionize your workshop. With enhanced power and control versus some of the smaller grinders, you’ll be able to make projects you never thought possible much more quickly. Take your workshop to the next level and upgrade to the ultimate in professional-grade knifemaking grinders.

Consider Your Budget and Needs.
Before investing in a new 2x72 grinder, it’s important to consider both your budget and the types of projects that you plan on using it for. If you’re a beginner or hobbyist and don’t expect to be utilizing the grinder pretty frequently, then a 2x72 grinder may not be right for you. However, if you’re looking for power, precision and belt life then a 2x72 belt grinder is the obvious choice for the knife maker. Think carefully about your needs and budget before deciding whether a 2x72 is the right grinder for your situation.

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Learn About the Different Types of Grinders.

With so many different types of 2x72 belt grinders on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. There are many variables to consider such as size, power, speed control, and available accessories. Consider your own needs and preferences when exploring the various models available. For example, if you want a machine that has a specific attachment already available then have a look at KMG, Brodbeck or Black Fox grinders. If attachments aren't as important for you then its open season on the brand. Another factor to consider is where the 2x72 belt grinder is made. If the grinder is made in the US then getting replacement parts is much easier than dealing with a machine manufactured overseas. 


Understand what Features are Important for Your Projects.

Before purchasing any type of grinder, it’s important to understand what features are necessary for the knives or projects you plan on completing. Different models offer unique accessory options such as dust collection systems or adjustable tool rests, so make sure that the one you choose has all the right components and can support your specific needs including future expansion with accessories. Additionally, consider such details as how long a cord do you need and how far away from an outlet do you intend to use the grinder as well as voltage considerations. By understanding what features are important beforehand, you will be able to select a 2x72 grinder that matches your knife making or any other metal working requirements.

Choose the Right Motor, Speed Settings, and Accessories for Your Workshop.

When selecting a 2x72 belt grinder, you’ll need to consider the motor type and size. 1hp motors are ok but can feel weak to some people so its recommended that you go 1 1/2hp and up on your motor selection. You should also think about the speed range you need for your project. A VFD will make this a non-issue as they allow you to control the speed to suite your needs. For example you will not want to run high grit belts at high RPM's as these have the potential for overheating your blade very quickly. Additionally, some grinders may come with various accessories such as cooling systems and dust extraction features to improve both safety and efficiency in your workshop.

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