Hot Shot Tempering Oven

Are you still using a toaster oven with fire brick? How about using the oven in the house and possibly running the risk of angering the spouse? Worried about getting a good temper with the tools you're working with? Made in the USA with pride Hot shot has your solution with their Tempering oven. This bad boy is designed with us, the makers, in mind. Set it and forget it! No more waking up in a panic at 2am because you thought you left the toaster oven on with this bad boy. Take your temper to the next level with the Hot Shot Tempering Oven today!

 Max Operating Temperature
Plug Voltage 110/120 Volt
Max Amp Draw 4 Amps
1-Phase Circuit Required 20 Amps
Break-in Period 4-5 Hours
Dimensions (Exterior/Interior) 20”Lx18.5”Wx16”H | 10”Dx6”Wx6”H
Length of Cord 3ft
Weight 47lbs